How did I miss National Margarita Day?!

I’ve seen so many pictures of Margaritas all over social media the last couple of days. Little did i know National Margarita Day was this past Wednesday! But i won’t let that stop me 😉 from enjoying a margarita over the weekend. As my better half says “EVERYDAY is National Margarita Day!”, Spoken like a true Texan.

One of my absolute favorite places to enjoy a margarita here in Austin is a bit of a whole in the wall, Azul Tequila. Azul Tequila has what you’ve probably already guessed, a blue margarita (pictured above) and this beautiful blue beauty is delish! I prefer it on the rocks but it’s also offered blended. If your not in the mood for a margarita at Azul Tequila you may also enjoy the Blue Martini, but be careful too many of either of these will have you wobbling around like a baby smurf. So make sure to eat up! Azul Tequila is also one of my favorite restaurants to find Interior Mexican food. From PESCADO YUCATECO: Sautéed fish fillet over a plantain leaf, topped with Yucateco sauce, served with avocado salad and plantains. To CABRITO AL MAGUEY: South central Mexican style barbacoa, goat meat marinated with chile guajillo and spices slow cooked on maguey leaves, served with salsa verde, Mexican rice and charro bean, you’ll have a lot to choose from. I’ve yet to have anything that wasn’t delicioso here.

Go give them a try and let me know what you think! and let’s be honest margarita’s shouldn’t be confined to one ding dang day 😉 

Happy Fri-Yay y’all! Go get your margarita on!