Weekends In The Country

Happy Monday Friends! I hope this finds you either well rested, well fed, or happy from a great weekend, preferably all three.

I feel it such an incredible blessing to live in the great state of Texas and it’s such a joy to have so much beauty and opportunity for fun adventures. My “other half” Jeff’s parents live on their property in Center Point, Texas or what I would call “The middle of nowhere” population 4,260. They’re in the process of building their retirement dream home here.

Our little blended family of 5 includes our lovely June, who is 4 yrs old, Endo, our Blue Lacey, Ava, our German Shepard/ Kelpie (pictured above) , and  lastly Jeff and I. We love coming out here as a get away, a quick family re-connect, and endless adventure. Not only is this family awesome but the property is incredible. The sunsets and rises make me feel like God himself is smiling at me 🙂 Texas is “God’s Country” after all. Jeff (when he’s able) and his Dad have put in so much work into prepping the land for building, from clearing the trees to putting running water in.

In the meantime, Jeff’s parents (Carla and Pat) are living in an R.V. and when we visit we stay in a smaller camper trailer on the property. We fondly refer to this as “Camping”.

This past weekend happened to be ladybug migration and I tell you what, those ladybugs were everywhere! They pretty much took over our lil’ camper and provided hours of fun for our June as she attempted to collect every last one out of the camper 🙂


Even our “Dog daughters” love it out here because they have the acres to run free and be dogs, so all and all, It’s a great time for all. We were also celebrating Carla’s birthday and this means great times with friends and family. For the occasion Jeff made a beautiful 12 hr. smoked brisket, there were tons of sides (including homemade kolaches), birthday cake, a bonfire and let’s not forget the margaritas!

I look forward to many more fun times and making memories out here in the “country” and sharing it all with y’all.

I’d love to hear your stories as well. How do you spend your weekends? Let me know!

I know it’s Monday and all but, don’t forget to breathe it all in, God has blessed us with another day.