Spring Break Adventures

Ladies and Gentlemen now we begin to get back to our regularly scheduled program. After taking a week off and away from the Austin SXSW craziness, blogging, and life stresses I have a lot to share with you all.

When we last left off my family and I were off to Port Mansfield, population 226 according to the last 2010 census on Wikipedia, though I’m told by our resident family that that is a far stretch, it may actually be around only 75 permanent residences.

Port Mansfield is what you would call a SMALL town and I think it’s an understatement to say it has fast become one of my favorite places here in Texas. From the small town feel, to the people we are blessed to call family, I’m already looking forward to our next family trip back.

Let’s start with our first stop on entering into Port Mansfield, Harbor Bait & Tackle pictured below. It’s a one stop shop for whatever you could need while you stay in this lovely beach town. From groceries, beer,wine, to you guessed it, the obvious bait & tackle. The staff is not only family but they’re ALL awesome in their own right and filled with helpful info to help your stay to be everything you’d like it to be and so much more.

We ended up at the familys  Y Knot Rentals , based out of Harbor Bait & Tackle. Not only were we treated like the family we are (as they treat all visitors) but we were set up for an amazingly awesome fishing experience. From boarding to guided fishing tours and anything in between you’re sure to find it at Y Knot Rentals. Jeremy and Karri Porter, our family cousins and our very own personal fishing guides, had everything set up for us to not only be comfortable on the boat but to teach us all about our surroundings including all the different fish and wild life, we even went on the family shrimp boat. This isn’t something I believe everyone is able to partake in so needless to say we felt pretty special. We were able to act as “Deck hands” and help with the actual shrimping process. Shrimping is a LOT of work! and it’s not a job for the weak or weak minded and this family knows what they’re doing.

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When we weren’t fishing, shrimping, or eating some amazing seafood, we were on our very own piece of paradise by way of a semi-private beach. Unfortunately if I tell you how to find this beach; that you can only reach by boat, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, I just may have to “kill” you 🙂 Okay, I’m just kidding  (Kinda) but I’m not ready to reveal this secret right now or maybe even ever. There were more seashells in one place than I have ever seen and as a family we collected hundreds and didn’t make a dent.

I hope you’re already planning your trip out to Port Mansfield (contact info will be down below for you) and if you’re lucky maybe a local will tell you how to make your way out to this “secret” beach. We had so much fun with our family in Port Mansfield that we ended up staying 2 extra days and I STILL didn’t want to leave.


With this extra time we decided to take a visit to Brownsville, Texas to check out the Gladys Porter Zoo. I haven’t been out to a zoo since I myself was a “little” and I have got to say it was pretty awesome though I really struggled with my heart wanting to release all of these trapped animals into the wild, after all that’s where they belong. There was “Lions, Tigers, and bears oh my!” and so much more.

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By this time we were exhausted and on our return to Austin we needed a vacation from our vacation, hahahaha, you know the saying…

We had some family friends stay with us for the weekend and that means no time for rest only time for smiles, laughs, food, and cocktails and we wouldn’t have it any other way….

We were off! armed with our very own spray paint and a willingness to be “artsy” we headed to Austin’s Hope Outdoor Gallery. Our little Flower had so much fun painting away as you can see captured in the pictures below. If you’re in Austin you should definitely head out there. The street art is pretty rad to say the least and don’t forget your spray paint if you feel like adding to the walls like we did.

The night before the street art fun, we were able to enjoy dinner at one of my favorite spots,  Azul Tequila (see previous blog) I ordered my usual Blue MargaritaSopes, two thick corn tortillas, topped with beans and chicken, tinga or chorizo, garnished with lettuce, radish, avocado sauce and cream and the Ceviche , precooked fish and shrimp marinated with lime juice, mixed with tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapeños, avocado and spices. (which are both listed as appetizers) and was not disappointed.




Now I’m POSITIVE I’m missing some laughs and smiles along this past week but that doesn’t make them less so 🙂 

Anyway, if you love the beach, fishing, and having a chill no pressure getaway (5ish hours from Austin, Texas) start planning your trip out to Port Mansfield now!

Y Knot Rentals, Owned and operated by Gary and Sybil Simmons, who pretty much have the “keys” to this whole town and are “Salt of the earth” people bring you, your one stop shop for a place to lay your head AND book your fishing tours. You’re welcome.

Address: 123 W Hbr, Port Mansfield, TX 78598

Guys to ask for:
*Jeremy Porter, a USCG Licensed Captain. For hire, fishing the lower Laguna Madre Bay Charters for speckled trout, redfish, and flounder.
Phone: (956)642-6102
*Jeff Neu, of Neu Outfitters, a USCG Licensed Captain. For hire, fishing the lower Laguna Madre Bay Charters for speckled trout, redfish, and flounder as well as duck and goose charters (I’m told he’s booked through 2017 and currently booking 2018)
Phone: (979)942-0164

I hope you’ve enjoyed the read and from my family to yours, I wish you a blessed week!