Current Mood: Robyn

I’m the type of girl that can get lost in music. I’m not sure if it’s the dancer in me or just that music speaks to my soul. Happy, sad, mad, confused…whatever it is, music is life! or at least a HUGE part of mine. On that note I will be sharing tons of things on this blog and music is a part of that.


This morning has been a bit frustrating for me since I haven’t been able to get my Instagram to work properly πŸ™ I know I know, first world problems. As a new blogger posting is pretty important and the last time Instagram did this to me it lasted for 6 months! ugh! Last time i emailed them over and over again, stalker like, and never got a response. I uninstalled/re-installed the whole ding dang sha-bang and nothin.

I’ve been so frustrated that i even picked up a tortilla to blow my nose! Maybe i should put this into context….I was working on my website as i often do while eating. This morning it was a pretty usual thing, eggs, 2 fried eggs and 3 tortillas to be exact. My allergies are a horrible pain in the arse at the moment and I’m blowing through Kleenex right now like it’s water. My daily has been a chapped Rudolph nose and used Kleenex is strewn about in all the places and I’m positive my lovely man Jeff thinks of me as some sort of a Leper. Anyway while typing i went to grab a Kleenex since i felt yet another sneeze on it’s way and tada! Tortilla> Sneeze= Yuck!


Really long t.m.i story short…. Music helps through these things. You’ll soon see that my taste in music has some serious A.D.D because I am ALL over the map.

On Hello Giggles i discovered that Robyn is working on a new album and secretly dropped “Honey” (see Soundcloud below) a work in progress single featured on the t.v show Girls. Heads up if you watch Girls there are some spoilers in the recording so make sure you’re caught up.

I love me some dance parties to Robyn! In my frustrations I need some happy tunes and I’m now currently jamming to her and i can feel my mood sloooooowly on the up and up. I’ve also added the Robyn Spotify playlist for your dance party enjoyment πŸ™‚Β