What Two Weeks Of Work Got Us

Good Monday to you all! Hopefully this Monday hasn’t beat you up too badly and you’re off to a great week. Have any of you noticed that there have become more and more National holiday’s? For example this past weekend was “National Unicorn day” “National Beer day” and “National empanada day” I mean come’on! There’s a day for everything! and on that note, Happy National farm animals day!!

This helps me to segway into the last two weeks ,Jeff and I have been working our butts off “renovating” our backyard into more of the outdoor living space and I would even say we have a great start to our very own little “Urban Farm” and it all started with a hammock. A couple of months ago we had a couple of warmer days and all I wanted was to hang my hammock , lay in it, and read. Well there’s wasn’t really a place for me to hang it. Jeff said he would be able to put a post up with cement and a wood post and “whala!” my hammock was up! but no, we didn’t stop there….

We were now on a hunt for patio furniture. We didn’t want to spend a lot of money so we checked out Amazon but found our luck at Walmart, with the Better Homes and Garden collection for what the set offers it’s very reasonably priced at $596.00 and just what we were looking for. This same patio set is over $800 on Amazon and other sites and we’re very happy with our choice.


I believe the hammock must have lit a fire of inspiration for the rest of what I’m about to share leading up to where we sit today, National farm animals day.

We had some old wood pallets in our backyard and I’m not sure where they came from but armed with my “muscle” aka Jeff  we turned the pallets into planters. These planters turned out awesome! We now have them filled with strawberries, mint, sage, Texas sweet onions, cilantro, 4 types of chile and tomatoes.

But no, we’re not done yet… from there we re-purposed two old “Billy Bookcases” from Ikea by flipping them on their backs, adding some particle board with holes to make a bottom that would allow water drainage and lastly added wheels to make for easier movement. The bookcases now house corn, green beans, carrots, okra, lettuce, spinach, sweet potatoes, radish, summer squash, and more tomatoes.

After a week of being planted we’re already seeing growth from almost every seedling.

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From here we added some beautiful black mulch, white rock, and some stepping-stones from Lowe’s and lastly a patio shade sail to tie it all together. I know we’re not designing professionals or people from HGTV but I’d say we did a pretty awesome job, what do you think?


But wait…. We’re still NOT done yet…. We decided this wasn’t enough so we got CHICKENS!! That’s right we got chickens y’all. This particular part of the adventure started out with the fact that I have a slight obsession with eggs aaand our “little” has a school project due which she has to present to her class how she’s created a shelter for an animal or animals and the steps along with it. I think we may have knocked this project out of the park.

We’re so excited that our family has grown and for what’s to come. I’m going to be honest though I’m mostly excited about our bounty 🙂 all the veggies and eggs we’re about to come on is just making my heart smile. So everyone, I would like you all to meet Rosie, Bella, Joplin, Goldie Hawn, and America.

Our first egg!

After 2 weeks of hard work I believe our work is done here. We now have our little oasis and have already started our fun times.

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Grilled burger topped with bacon wrapped asparagus, cheddar, with tomatoes and serrano from our garden and a side of mustard potato salad

Now that our Monday is coming to an end, kick those feet up, have a glass of wine and relax. Happy Farm Animal Day!


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See y’all Wednesday!