13 Random Facts About Me

Good Monday to you fellow lovers! I hope that your Monday has treated you well so far. I’m still dealing with the back pain issues and being a huge turd blossom pain through all of it. Yup, I said turd blossom, what of it?! 🙂 I will say I am a lucky girl to have such a great teammate in Jeff, he’s been taking on the garden and chicken duties like a champ! Thanks Love! You rock my socks!

Anyway, over the last few weeks my following has increased and I figured now would be as good a time as any to drop some random facts about me, like a whole get to know me sesh. Maybe you’re just tuning in and haven’t even read my “About” page, maybe you’d just like to know more about this person who hopefully (If you’re subscribed, if not… DO IT NOW!) you get emails from, or hey, maybe you don’t even care and I’m writing to the crickets right now (probably the most factual of the three)

So let’s get started…. This is me! I’m Nicole aka Love Of All Of The Things, pleased to “meet” you….

Screenshot_20170414-19284313 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME

  1. I was born on a Friday the 13th in July (which is why, you guessed it 13 facts!)

  2. The year I was born “Bad Girls” by Donna Summer was the #1 hit in the USA (for some reason my Grandma found that hilarious)

  3. I LOVE to laugh but I’m utterly embarrassed of my laugh. I have a gross “pig-like” snort.

  4. I LOVE to sing everything and it bugs the poo out of Jeff.

  5. Speaking of poo, I try not to cuss and sometimes I fail. This means I say things like, poo, jimminy, golly, ohmylanta, geesum…etc.

  6. I could eat eggs, pizza, fried chicken, tacos, and Jello “Snack packs” anytime! I love em! You know what I just love food! So there’s that.

  7. I’ve lived in 10 different cities (3 of which where not in the US) and travelled to over 10 different countries.

  8. I have an annoying allergy to Capsaicin, which means no chile spicy for this girl.

  9. I met my love Jeff on Bumble, Yup…the dating app!!

  10. I’m Mexican! a lot of people tend to think I’m something else. Maybe because I can’t eat spicy food? 

  11. I can’t stand being cold. I would rather be so hot my skin burns off.

  12. I fully believe that our happiness in life can only come from our Father God.

  13. Thanks to a LOT of betrayal, hurt, distrust, and suffering, I am more solidified and happy with who I am now than EVER before! Praise Jesus!

Wait, that’s it you say…. you want more?! hahahaha!

Favorite Movie: The Usual Suspects, Reservoir Dogs, Son of God, Breakfast at Tiffany’s ( I can’t just choose 1, I have sooo many) I love movies.

Favorite Music: Born and raised on country, The “REAL” country y’all not the “Pop-y” poo out now. That said I just LOVE music! not the techno rave stuff kids listen to nowadays, that’s not music! That stuff’s for the birds!!

and Hot tea over coffee!

Now that I feel like we just had our first date 🙂 I’d love to know more about YOU! Feel free to comment below.

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