Random Facts About The Man By My Side

Good Monday Morning to you lovers! In case you didn’t know and/or you care 😉 today is also National “Have a Coke” Day, National Coconut Cream Pie Day, and National Women’s Checkup Day. Lastly, you have 6 days, that’s right, 6 days to go shopping, pick out a card, mail a card, or plan a brunch, lunch, or dinner for Mother’s Day! THIS Sunday. You’re welcome.

How was your weekend? Being that it was not only Cinco De Mayo weekend but also Derby weekend I’m sure it was probably filled with margaritas, mint juleps, and fun times? Or at the bare minimum I hope you had a relaxing and happy weekend.

I received a couple of messages from followers asking me to give some deets on Jeff. Since I speak about him often in the blog but haven’t really given much information on this amazing man. Jeff is not just THE MAN I have the pleasure of walking along side in life, he is my partner, my teammate, my love, my best friend. I don’t want to sound overly cheese and ewwww but yet, here I am. He isn’t just all of that, he’s so much more. Since it was asked, I’m happy to oblige, to Jeff’s annoyance….



  1. He thinks that being a dad is the coolest and best thing in the world. I think that’s one of the most attractive things about him.

  2. He believes that it’s never too late and you’re never too old to learn. It’s why almost 3 yrs. ago he started learning how to play the guitar and has a private class every week to hone his skills. Side note, He can actually sing too 😉

  3. He snores like a bear. I mean, for real, like a bear! A huge 500 lb. bear (do bears get to 500 lbs??) House shaking snoring. You get the point.

  4. He used to be a commercial print model. He doesn’t really like talking about that much so I may get a “talking to” for giving you this info, hahahaha.

  5. He secretly wants to someday make films or produce them. I believe he’s capable of doing anything!

  6. He has a weird addiction to saltine crackers. He truly would eat them with every meal if he could. That’s weird, right?!?

  7. He grew up in the small town of Odem, Texas which at the time was population 2,300, plus or minus.

  8. He has a pretty large case of OCD. Floors are never clean enough.

  9. He has worked since he was 12yrs old and has worked in electrical manufacturing for 20yrs. He’s one of the most hardworking men I know.

  10. He, like me, has no relationship with his biological father. He was raised by Pat, who he considers his Dad and his role model.

  11. He loves anything involving water. Especially paddle boarding and rowing.

  12. He once lived in California (my home state) and hated it.

  13. He can’t see a movie at the theatre without getting popcorn, NO BUTTER. If you wanna see his feathers ruffled, put butter on his popcorn, I dare ya!

Alrighty, well now you have a little “Insider” information about the man I love. Like I said there truly is so much more to him but that will have to wait for another time and another blog. Speaking of “insider” information and another blog about Jeff; Father’s day is also right around the corner. If you have signed up for my blog by clicking the FOLLOW button, located on the right hand side of your screen (you’re not yet following yet you say?!! ;( well do it NOW) you will get all of the deets behind a promotion I will be running. I have partnered with an awesome company just in time to help you out with your Father’s day! So follow me here on the blog now and stay tuned for my announcement here and my Instagram/ Instagram Story. The announcement will happen THIS week! and I’m so excited!

Until then…. I’d like to give you a little Monday laugh and more insight on this “Nacho Cheesy” love I have for Jeff. He makes me laugh every ding dang day even when he’s not my favorite person by doing things like this (Video below). I Love Love my funny man Flowers and hopefully he doesn’t leave me for sharing this 😉 ENJOY!

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