Are You Looking For The Perfect Gift?

Happy Humpday Lovers!! or as I often say Wine Down Wednesday’s 😉 How’s the week been treating y’all?! Great I hope, if not let’s give the rest of this week a great big ‘ol punch in the kisser!


Since we know it’s Wednesday, you ought to also realize that today gives you only 4 shopping days til Mother’s day and 1 day to mail something off (at least in the greater US) so you betta get movin. Speaking of gifts….

 I finally get to speak to y’all about a great new partnership with JORD Luxury Wood Watches and I. I am so very excited to work with JORD Watches. Not only do they have such an amazing product but they are so easy to order from, and the customer service is legit! Just check out my pictures below. Everything about these watches is amazing. Even the packaging is well thought out (wood oil, oil cloth, and instructions are also included) and beautifully executed.

Check out this beauty that I ordered for Jeff as an early Father’s Day/ Birthday/ “You’re awesome and amazing man” gift 🙂


Y’all. I’m so very impressed with JORD and I think Jeff may be more in love with this watch than with me 😉

I’ve been teasing my followers about this new promotion for a little over a week now, so let’s get to it…. Click on this Contest link: to enter your name and email (it takes 2 seconds!) The contest will close June 11 at 11:59pm. This will enter you for a chance to receive $100 off of a watch of your choice!! That’s awesome, right!?! Don’t answer that, It’s AMAZING!! and what’s even better is, let’s say you’re not the lucky one that get’s the $100 off 🙁 You’re still a winner in my eyes, which means I’m going to make sure you still receive a little token of my appreciation for your follow by sending you $25 off of your order with JORD. 

Side note by the time this blog posts you will still have about 4ish hours remaining to place an order for an amazing Mother’s Day watch. If you click on my link;  you’ll even receive FREE engraving up until May 14th on ALL women’s watches. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty jealous of Jeff’s watch and wish I would have ordered my own with #loveofallofthethings. Check out a couple of my favorite from the women’s line. They sure are purty!


Don’t forget, go to my blogs exclusive contest link: for your chance to win $100 off of an amazing JORD Luxury Wood Watch

You have a little over a month to do this before the contest ends, I wouldn’t waste time though. Since it’s on you’re mind already, why not just do it now 😉

Until next time Lovers!

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