Not Your Average Drive-Thru

Gooood Wednesday to you Lovers! I’m back from having a longish Mother’s day weekend off of the blogosphere 😉 What’s been going on? Did you miss me, like I missed you?! hahaha!

Let’s talk about our lives and how busy they can get. You’re working, heading into a deadline, which can mean working overtime; or you have an 8-5 (ish), need to get home walk the dog, then head out to an event; or you have a family AND all of the above going on… Life gets busy! When is there even time to go to the bathroom let alone EAT?! 

Enter Sala & Betty and their “Slow food fast” concept. Named for 2 sisters, 1 of which loves the “dining” experience and the other sister who leads a busy life yet wants to enjoy the same type of food you would get in a great restaurant. Our friends had gotten there before us and found awesome patio seating for brunch on a saturday. Austin can tend to get super busy for brunch on the weekends, so I was feeling pretty thankful on this beautiful day. We wanted to celebrate one of my best friends and her new job (YEAH!! JESSY!!) and I think we did a pretty great job with Sala & Betty!

We all were having brain farts when it came to the menu since we all wanted ALL OF THE THINGS. That’s no lie, everything on this brunch menu was screaming “Pick me! Pick me!” luckily our server was patient with us. For the table we started with The Hair Of The Dog, which is a fried egg, layered with pork, amazing fries, queso, and served with a LoneStar beer ($10) or without the LoneStar ($9) Check it out below, it’s a thing of beauty! and I would imagine the perfect remedy to any hangover.



I ordered the Croque Madame for my entrée ($10) let me tell you, this lady was definitely easy on my eyes!! A fried egg on amazing bread, ham, cheese, Bechamel, and a side of fries.

BFF Jessy ended up “one upping” our Hair Of The Dog by ordering her own topped with avocado. Everyone, I repeat EVERYone should order it this way!! So ding dang GREAT. Talk about instant regrets 😉 haha! I’m kidding (just a little) this dish is awesome however you order it. I don’t think that anyone can go wrong with topping everything with an egg, avocado, or pig (prepared any way), or in this case ALL 3!


Moving on to the Drive-thru at Sala & Betty. The drive-thru offers what they call “Family meals” serving 4 people (1lb of meat) with options varying from Beef ($34) Pork Shoulder ($32) and Chicken ($32) There are other Ala carte, fresh made sides, kids items, “make at home desserts, and sandwich options. Since we had such a great experience here, I very much look forward to enjoying all the other offerings by this very well done establishment. They have an amazing thing going and I recommend you give them a try! Tell em’ I sent ya.

Address: 5201 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX 78751


Wednesday 10:30AM–9PM
Thursday 10:30AM–9PM
Friday 10:30AM–10PM
Saturday 10:30AM–10PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 10:30AM–9PM
Tuesday 10:30AM–9PM
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Brunch at Sala & Betty

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After you enter to win, why not head out to Sala and Betty for a very enjoyable bite to eat!

Until next time Lovers!

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