I’m Baaaack….A Re-Cap

Helloooooo my dear dear lovers! Oh how I have missed you all! Have you missed me?! Or maybe I’m alone on this island ๐Ÿ˜‰ either way, I want you all know how grateful I am that each and every one of you exist. I also hope y’all had an amazing 4th of July long weekend packed with fun and fireworks to celebrate the birth of these amazing United States of America.


The past couple of weeks there’s been so much going on in life and I’m sure I’m no different from you and what you have going on. Let’s be honest, adulting is hard. Anyway, I’m not sure if any of you have noticed but, I’ve been off the blogosphere and mostly off social media for the last few weeks; this bit of ย “radio silence” has some to do with a busy life, the rest is due to me being “Shadow-Banned”ย (if you don’t know what that means, you’re not the only one, click on the link for more info) being “Shadow-Banned” can essentially be a “death sentence” for someone like me, a full-time blogger and Instagrammer. I’ve lost followers and majorly dropped in my engagement and even lost potential partnership opportunities, all in all, it SUCKS! All that to say, I have a favor…if you’re a follower on ANY of my platforms, PLEASE, LIKE AND COMMENT and this will help me so much in recovering from this, not to mention I would forever be grateful <3

Now let’s move on from the BS of the “Shadow-Ban” and on to a fun family 4th of July re-cap. We spent last weekend celebrating with family in the small town of Pipe Creek right outside of Bandera, Texas. Let me tell ya, this family pulled out all the stops. From our beautiful American flag decorated everywhere, great BBQ, over $1k in fireworks, and a great lake view, we didn’t want for anything.


Let’s back up a little and repeat…. OVER 1 thousand DOLLARS of fireworks y’all!!! I have NEVER seen so many ding dang fireworks with “normal” (I say that loosely) civilians ever ๐Ÿ˜‰ and we even had “Baby Chuck Norris” aka Cousin Caden putting on the show for us, hahahaha!


We also had to figure out how to get all these fireworks onto a rock island without getting ruined by potentially falling into the lake. And how, you might ask did we achieve this?! with 6 slow trips back and forth on a water trampoline!! Der!


YUP, that really happened.ย All that “work” truly did pay off. The guys put on a good show.

This family is filled with characters that would entertain the masses in a sitcom any day and I say that with such a smile on my heart, I wish each and every one of y’all were able to get to experience just one afternoon with them. I mean, just check out one of the sweetest little lambs I’ve ever seen below, plus family, and some obligatory firework pictures.

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For those of y’all who have taken the time to read through this re-cap, again, THANK YOU for your support!! I appreciate you more than you know. Also, HAPPY FRIGGIN FRIDAY!!


In the next few blog posts to come I have sooooo much to share, new partnerships, new deals for you and yours, and lots of new things to try. I’m so excited! Make sure you stay tuned and help me to spread the news. Follow, Like, Comment, and Share!

Now go! Be free! Enjoy your weekend!

Until next time Lovers,


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