A True Dining Experience at Soto Contemporary Japanese Dining

Soto Contemporary Japanese Dining

As I am sitting here writing to you all I am being transported back to last week when I had one of the best, most dreamy culinary experiences I have had in a while. I was invited by Soto to what I can only describe as a true dining experience at Soto Contemporary Japanese Dining’s new location located on South Lamar. I know that my words will never do Soto Justice but I am going to try.

On my arrival I was enamored with the bar area, the clean lines and the light that filled up the area from the windows was beautiful. I was really excited from all the buzz I had heard from friends and just had to sit up close and personal for the show at the Sushi bar.

A True Dining Experience at Soto Contemporary Japanese Dining


My dining partner was the awesome Monique Sandhu aka ATX Eats and Treats, if you don’t follow her then I highly suggest you do! Executive Chef Andy Chen greeted us and explained he would be treating us to a Omakase experience and I about squealed inside with excitement. For those who are unsure what Omakase is:

o·ma·ka·seˌ ōməˈkäsā,ōˈmäkəsā
  1. (in a Japanese restaurant) a meal consisting of dishes selected by the chef.
    “we had the five-course omakase”

A True Dining Experience at Soto Contemporary Japanese Dining


I have had the pleasure to experience a Omakase a handful of times in my life but none to date as extraordinary as this one. Soto offers a 16 course Omakase for $150 and though this price may give you sticker shock I promise you it is absolutely worth every single dollar. Now let us get started with highlights of some of my favorite items…

We began with Hamachi served with menegi and dry miso sprinkled on top. The hamachi was so fresh, light, and clean, I could have eaten order after order. Next, an order Kumamoto Oyster, a Soto Chef’s specialty. Let me tell y’all, I am not a fan of oysters but “when in Rome” as they say. These were by far the best oysters I have ever had! no joke. EVER.


Onto a perfectly done Japanese soup of Chilean Sea Bass wrapped with nappa in bonito broth served in hot minty aroma water. The presentation was so dreamy. The bowl was sitting on top of a bed of fresh mint and our server Sean (ask for him! he’s awesome!) poured hot water over the bed of mint which created an amazing mint fragrant steam. It was like getting an aromatherapy facial while eating. Speaking of presentation the next specialty offering was Hamachi Toro Tartare with ossetra caviar served on a ding dang ice block! That’s right, an actual ice block. You’ve got to see it to believe it. It was beautiful but that’s not it, it was an amazing flavor bomb of a tartare. Words cannot say how delicious it was, I felt bad for Monique because I was gobbling it all up bite after bite.



On to yet another amazing course of the best shrimp tempura I have ever had. It was light, sweet, and so beautiful to look at. So delicate and pretty, I had no idea how a dish that I have thought of as “so common” could be so uncommonly extraordinary.

Now check out the sushi at Soto. It’s just so beautiful!

If all of this doesn’t have you drooling and making reservations yet there’s more…. Yup, there’s more. We also enjoyed Kobe Beef with shaved truffle accompanied by creamy sushi rice risotto with wild mushroom and also an amazing melt in your mouth Grilled Black Cod with sweet miso sauce.

Lastly we have the metaphorical cherry on top, Dessert, a Layered Matcha cake. Check out those layers y’all! 

Every detail that Soto has put into each amazing item on the menu shines through. From the plating of each thoughtfully curated item to the actual plates (I’m not sure who makes the dishware but it’s gorgeous), every detail has been chosen for our dining pleasure. I hope that in reading this you have a special occasion coming up and you’ll choose to share it with Soto.

Soto’s original location has been open in Cedar Park, Texas for almost 5 years (give or take) and just recently opened their new location on South Lamar. Soto just received their TABC License and is currently working with a limited bar menu, but don’t fret they still have hot sake and beer! They will be having an “official” grand opening in the next 2 weeks or so, so make sure you follow them on social media to keep in the loop 😉 Soto Instagram and Soto Facebook.


Soto Restaurant

Address1100 S Lamar Blvd #2115, Austin, TX 78704

Sunday 5–10PM
Monday Closed
Tuesday 5–10PM
Wednesday 5–10PM
Thursday 5–10PM
Friday 5–11PM
Saturday 5–11PM

I cannot express my gratitude to Soto for inviting Monique and I to share in such an amazing dining experience. Special thanks to General Manager James, Executive Chef Andy, Sushi Chef Teddy, and our awesome server Sean. I definitely look forward to my next visit. 

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Until next time Loves!

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