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Welcome and thank you for visiting! Let me share a little bit about myself with you…

I’m a thirty-“something”, retired Ballerina, God fearing, food loving woman, A wife to Jeff and a stepmom to a beautiful 4 yr. old girl, June (I fondly refer to as our “Little” or “Little Flower”), a dog-mom to a German Shepherd/ Australian Kelpie named Ava and a Texas Blue Lacey named Endo. I have a passion and a LOVE OF ALL OF THE THINGS.

I believe that everything and everyone that happens TO you is FOR you, and for a reason. I believe that reason to be God, either to glorify Him and His kingdom or to teach you and bring you closer to Him. I believe that we can ALL see, feel, and touch love in everything and everyday.

On this blog I hope to show you the things that bring my life joy (lots and lots of food) , love, and even share some hurts. I will focus on what’s going on in life, whether it be deep to my soul, or fun and lighthearted things that bring me joy. There will also be REVIEWS. Reviews on restaurants, products, or experiences. I will also occasionally post a recipe for you and hopefully you’ll enjoy making them.

I believe life to be a beautiful adventure, won’t you join me?……



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