H-E-B QUEST FOR TEXAS BEST – Top Texas Product Makers Earn Placement on Store Shelves

Hello my Love’s! How’s life been treating you all? For me, life as usual has been busy busy busy. I have so much to talk to you all about, but one thing at a time….

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to an awesome couple of events held by H-E-B grocery. The first being, The Quest for Texas Best is a signature program for H-E-B’s Primo Picks brand, which labels best-in-store products, all unique, delicious, and new. Since its inception in 2014, the Quest for Texas Best competition has yielded more than 200 new products on H-E-B store shelves across the state. At this event Nine Austin-area finalists presented their products to a panel of expert judges during a two-day round of competition. These finalists were selected from nearly 600 submissions across 200 Texas towns, yielding a delicious mix of sauces, salsas, spices, sweets and healthy food options along with meats and mixes. We learned their stories and got to know a little about almost all of the contestants. I’m not going to lie I may have fell into a “deep like” with a lot of these amazing products. I felt so sorry for the judges having to narrow down all of these amazing people and their products to just 4 winners. Jeff and I kept wondering how on earth they could do this.

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At the second event that’s exactly what had to happen. At H-E-B’s Primo Picks Quest for Texas Best these judges had to narrow the field of 25 finalists to just FIVE winners at the Central Texas Food Bank.


Grand Prize Winner ($25,000 and featured placement as a Texas Best Primo Pick):

Local Austin favorites and all around awesome ladies, Skull & Cakebones – Mocha Marmalade, Sascha Biesi + Yauss Berenji – Austin, Texas

After Sascha Biesi discovered milk and eggs were the cause of her infant daughter’s persistent rash, she began a quest for delicious foods sans the animal products. Enlisting the help of Yauss Berenji, the two built Skull & Cakebones based on friendship, their families’ passion for food and a mission of making delicious desserts without animal products (because if you can, why shouldn’t you?). Using the best local products on hand, Skull & Cakebones presents a truly Texas-strong dessert – Mocha Marmalade Chocolate layered with Cuvee Coffee frosting and topped with Cuvee infused chocolate pudding.

TWO First Place Winners ($20,000 EACH) That’s right y’all a TIE! :

The Texas Pecan Cake Shop – Lorraine’s Original Mini Texas Pecan Cakes, Bridget + Will McCoy – Bertram, Texas

Like the Lone Star State, Bridget McCoy’s Lorraine’s Original Mini Texas Pecan Cakes are one of a kind. Baked in the iconic shape of Texas from a secret family recipe, it is a pecan lover’s dream. Made with 100% Texas products from local growers, loaded with pecans and held together with just enough flour and sugar, it delivers the wonderful flavor of Mom’s holiday baking that can be enjoyed on any occasion. Every day is a cake day!

WarPig BBQ For Use on Butts And Ribs Sauce, Dennis Butterworth – Houston, Texas

Dennis Butterworth’s BBQ sauce, For Use on Butts And Ribs (F.U.B.A.R), is an elite sauce forged in the trenches of barbecue competition. This award-winning sauce was crafted by U.S. Army veterans to be the one and only sauce you need in your arsenal. Whether you’re a professional chef or a backyard grill commando, For Use on Butts And Ribs’ sweet, tangy flavor bridges the gap for all barbecue palates. When you purchase this awesome sauce some of the proceeds will go to “Folds of Honor” an organization that provides educational scholarships to spouses and children of America’s fallen soldiers and veterans. So you can feel great about eating all your BBQ 😉

Second Place Winner ($15,000):

Another Austin local company, Tamale Addiction’s Poblano & Muenster Cheese Organic Masa Tamales, Adrian + Mariana Paredes – Austin, Texas

This family unknowingly created a new tamale standard and culture among aficionados. First entering the farmers’ market circuit with Mexican desserts, they redirected their efforts to tamales. Today, Tamale Addiction is known for being fresh, organic, local and delicious with five versions that include meat, vegetarian, vegan, banana leaf and sweet tamales. By listening to their customers’ demand for an at-home option, they found a way to share their destiny with all of Texas via a two-pack of organic masa tamales filled with strips of roasted poblano pepper, fresh red salsa made from chile de arbol, and melted muenster cheese. These tamales were amazing y’all and I cannot wait for them to get into H-E-B.

Third Place Winner ($10,000):

La Familia Cortez Restaurants’ Mi Tierra Salsa Verde Salsa, Cariño Cortez & Michael Cortez – San Antonio, Texas

The family of Pedro Cortez – entrepreneur, restaurateur and savior of San Antonio’s Market Square – committed themselves to preserving the recipes that have been in the family since 1941, when the patriarch opened his first eatery, Jamaica #5, and eventually Mi Tierra. Over the years, Pedro’s sons and grandsons have combined traditional Mexican cooking techniques with the latest culinary advancements to safeguard Pedro’s process, ingredients and legacy. The family is intent on sharing this tasty legacy with customers near and far with Mi Tierra Salsa Verde – a secret mixture of oven roasted tomatillos and a blend of spices that create a tangy salsa great for enchiladas and more. Like they say, “salsa by choice, not by chance.”

“As we complete the fourth year of this statewide competition, we continued to be impressed by the inventiveness, creativity and phenomenal resolve that our fellow Texans showcase,” said James Harris, Director, Diversity & Inclusion and Supplier Diversity, H-E-B. “Although only five competitors walked away with a title and prize, Quest for Texas Best is a win for all Texans. Small businesses have the opportunity to grow with H-E-B and our customers enjoy added variety and access to the best locally sourced products.”

Because of H-E-B’s Primo Picks Quest for Texas Best my view of H-E-B has entirely changed. Not only will I be a loyal customer but I will be PROUD to shop from H-E-B. The amount of care, respect, and loyalty they show to Texas-based companies and it’s people is incredible and so admirable. I was so incredibly grateful to get to experience this awesome event and I am forever changed by it.

I hope that each of y’all give these products a chance to be in your home to feed you and your loved ones.

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Time Is Running out! Cochon555 Is on It’s Way!

That’s right Lovers! You have less than 4 hrs to enter to win 2 tickets to this years Cochon555. I will be doing a drawing Ol’ school style out of a hat or bowl today on my Instagram story at 5pm. Don’t forget to follow the rules listed out on my IG post.



General Admission tickets are only $125 for this all-inclusive feast, and I promise you every dollar is worth it. VIP is $200 and gets you an entire extra hour of noshing. Grab tickets now for Cochon555 Austin here: Cochon555 Austin and don’t forget to follow me here and on my IG: LOVEOFALLOFTHETHINGS to enter and qualify to win 2 general admission tickets, valued at a total of $250! 

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Cochon555 Austin- Don’t Miss Out on This Pig Party!

Mark those calendars for Sunday, August 20th Ladies and Gents! This one’s comin in HOT.  Cochon555 will be in Austin at The Four Seasons Hotel Austin, and you do NOT want to miss this pig party!

My friends at Cochon555 are kicking off an epic weekend full of creative food, artisanal wines and spirits, and heritage breed pork. If you love a good cause and want to attend one of the country’s most talked about culinary events, then clear your weekend calendar when Cochon555 returns to Austin on August 20th at the Four Seasons Hotel Austin! The event features five of Austin’s best chefs cooking five whole, heritage breed pigs in a friendly-ish 😉 competition for a cause. I can’t begin to tell y’all how excited I am to attend this event!

This year’s buzzworthy chefs are: James Flowers of TRIO, Sarah McIntosh of épicerie Cafe & Grocery, Nicholas Yanes of Juniper, Evan LeRoy of LeRoy and Lewis, and Clinton Kendall of East Side King. Notable butchers Bryan Butler of Salt & Time rounds out a stellar lineup. In addition, there are two satellite competitions, the Somm Smackdown (wine/pig matching) and Punch Kings (barkeeps facing off in whole-bottle cocktail tilt).

Those looking to make a weekend of it don’t need to wait until Sunday, as there is an opportunity to attend an exclusive charity dinner experience the night before the big event. On Saturday, we are hosting a Chef’s Course dinner called BESPOKE: An Evening of Culinary Modernity, with 100% of the proceeds going to benefit Piggy Bank, a Missouri farm-in-the-making that will gift free heritage breed pig genetics to family farms in need. For an in-depth look at the Cochon555 movement, a series of stunning videos and tickets to these must-do culinary experiences, please visit www.Cochon555.com.


General Admission tickets are only $125 for this all-inclusive feast, and I promise you every dollar is worth it. VIP is $200 and gets you an entire extra hour of noshing. Grab tickets now for Cochon555 Austin here: Cochon555 Austin and don’t forget to follow me here and on my IG: LOVEOFALLOFTHETHINGS to enter and qualify to win 2 general admission tickets, valued at a total of $250! 



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12 Day Road-Tripping – Primizie Snacks & High Brew Coffee For The Win.

I’m baaack! haha! My family and I went on our first family road-trip “vacation”, travelling from Austin, Texas to New Mexico, Arizona, California, to Nevada, then back through Arizona and New Mexico, then home to Austin (with stops in between) all with our 5-year-old in tow. Talk about a challenge!


First let me say it’s been my experience that road-trips in general can be exhausting dependent on how far and where you’re going. Our daughter did surprisingly amazing! I mean, she’s 5, so of course there were hiccups along the way, and funny enough those hiccups actually happened mostly when we weren’t driving, go figure. We were lucky enough to pack our cooler with some awesome road trip essentials (wedged behind my front passenger and the back seat) for us all to partake in. We were armed with Primizie Crisp Breads, Grandma’s HumusHigh Brew Coffee, Austonian Whiskey (for us adults, der, NO drinking and driving was involved), Goldfish, and some homemade sandwiches, and fresh fruit. It’s my job to help keep us all happy and our Little has grown a small obsession with Primizie Crisp breads so much so she wouldn’t put them down when we tried to take a picture. Which means we always have to have them on hand, they’re the BEST from everywhere and anywhere! say’s our Little.


Yes, we’re ALL in ponchos. Don’t judge! We’re Texans in 62 degree weather here 😉 hahaha!

Her favorite’s are the Gouda and Garlic, Simply salted, and a surprise for a kid the new Broccoli Kale, shhhh she has no idea she’s getting her veggies in this snack as well 😉

As a parent you want to make sure your kids aren’t eating “bad for you” foods and I have no worries when it comes to Primizie snacks. Primizie snacks are made with all natural products, non GMO, and they’re even certified Gluten free. These snacks are great for the whole family (when our Little wants to share), perfect amount of crisp and hold up to all kinds of dips and cheeses. My favorite pairing is Primizie’s Italian Herb with Grandma’s Humus, and an awesome addition to any road-trip, picnic, or late night craving. They even have something for your sweet tooth in the Dolce Caramel, think the flavor of a churro but better and more “classy” ha! If you’re here in Texas you can grab your Primizie snacks in any deli section of HEB, Randall’s, or Central Market. For any of you Lovers outside of Texas you can purchase straight from the website or click on my Amazon link here: Primizie Snacks on Amazon

On our road-trip we made a stop to see my family in California for a few days. We made sure to hit up our family cabin in the Sequoia National Forest, along with some “MUSTS” for me, C.A.L.M (California Animal Living Museum), Murray Family Farms, Morro Bay, and even Santa Barbara.

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I didn’t realize until we got to my parents how much I missed certain foods that remind me of good times in Bakersfield. If you’re ever in Bakersfield, California here’s a few places you should most definitely check out:

  • Rosemary’s Family Creamery: for some of the best house-made Ice-cream I’ve ever had in an old school Parlor setting. My favorite is the Terry’s Jersey Jr (The regular size is too big for me) made with mountains of fluffy billowed chocolate whip intermingled with their amazing vanilla. Simplicity at it’s finest.
  • Pyrenee’s Cafe: Awesome traditional style Basque food. It’s all great here and if you’ve never had Basque food you’re missing out.The sandwiches are also killer. I love the Hot Pastrami 😉 just look at its beauty!

Pyrenees Cafe Bakersfield

  • Mossman’s West Chester Coffee Shop, located inside West Chester Bowling Alley: The fish and chips here have been my favorite since I was a little girl. The portions are pretty big, the “chips” are tasty, and the tartar sauce is so good! My parents used to order take out and bring home for dinner as a treat.
  • Murray Family Farms: For amazing fresh produce! Plus you can also go pick your own fruit along with tons of activities for kids including a little zoo.
  • Smith’s Bakery: My favorite smiley face cookies and Champagne cake cupcakes that have ever existed and they almost ruined the whole trip for me. When we showed up they were out of BOTH. I was so upset I almost cried right there. No joke, I’m a 38-year-old woman who was almost brought to tears by this. So disappointing. That won’t stop me from saying you should make a trip to see them because you’ll never have cookies or champagne cake as great as these. Darn you for being out and crushing my dreams of happiness!! 😉

Smith's Bakery.jpg

Now last but not least if you ever find yourself on a road-trip of this magnitude you WILL need to keep that energy up! I would not have been able to survive our trip without Primizie snacks to snack on but we also needed that caffeine from my High Brew Coffee stash!


I find High Brew coffee to be the most convenient for me to travel with. Not only are they cold brew coffee’s (double the caffeine) but they come in the perfect 8 ounce portable cans that not only fit in any cooler but they’re perfect in my purse when I’m on the go. I LOVE the Mexican Vanilla, Salted Caramel, and Dark Chocolate Mocha…. O.k, I’m not gonna lie I love them all. Discovery alert: while we were at the beach we also discovered how amazing my favorite whiskey, Austonian Whiskey pairs with High Brew Mexican Vanilla, SCORE! and it’s even more amazing warmed up, DOUBLE SCORE! The perfect pairing.


Now in order not to take up too much more of your time, I’m gonna cut this short and end with a couple of slide shows of our stops along the way including the Hoover Dam and the magnificent Grand Canyon. If you haven’t been to these places, GO. They are breathtakingly beautiful and no pictures will ever do them justice. Also, We saw between 10-15 rainbows (not all photographed) including double rainbows, along the way at totally different times. Gorgeous.

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If you try out any of these products please share with me what you think. I’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions please be sure to reach out in the comments.

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Disclaimer: I was provided with samples of the products listed in this blog IE; Primizie, High Brew Coffee, and Austonian Whiskey. The opinions stated are my own and because I truly enjoy my experience with these products. I am a member of the Amazon Affiliates program. I do get a little kick-back if you purchase anything through the Amazon links provided but you are not charged any additional from this. So please use these links and help a sista out 🙂 

Are You Letting Your Past Baggage Impact Your Present? It’s Time To Let GO

Hello Lovers, It’s a new week and I hope you’re off to a great start. Today I’m going to dive right in to things. Are you letting your past baggage impact your present? To me, this question is almost like opening an imaginary can of worms, ewwh. What do I mean by past? Well, everyone has hurts, right? Whether that be from a past relationship; cheating wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend. Sometimes those hurts are from past friendships; The experiences where you thought this person was going to be in your life forever, your “ride or die” then life happens and they’re no longer there, that can hurt. Maybe you have suffered from terrible abuses or health issues/scares. Or it could even be a past job that didn’t work out the way you wanted. Everyone carries hurt. EVERYONE.

I promise, it’s easy to feel like you’re alone in your hurt that nobody else could possibly understand the hurt you have, but in my opinion, feeling this way is only partially true and can ultimately trap you in a “woe-is-me” mentality . What do I mean by that? It’s true every situation is different, everyone’s circumstances are different, because of this, it’s nearly impossible for us all to have the exact same hurts, feelings, and or brokenness but what remains the same for us all (again, my opinion) is that we ALL hurt. We all have past’ and we all also have a CHOICE in how we proceed. Choose to “Grow through what you go through”

People make decisions that hurt people and don’t take the time to realize how that hurt impacts others lives around them. It’s not the most fun part of life but nonetheless it’s a very real part of life. Another part of life is that hurt could be caused by people or a person that doesn’t even seem to care that they hurt you or others. Then we have the self-created hurts created from self-doubt and the comparison game I touched on last week; What did I do to them to deserve this?, Why me?, I was good to them?, what did I do wrong?, Am I not good enough, pretty enough, handsome enough, skinny enough, sexy enough? etc.

My point here is, whether it’s a romantic relationship that made a turn for the worse or a platonic friendship between you and a person with whom you have a ton of history, toxic people in your life deserve to be expeditiously escorted OUT of your life. You may never get the answers to your infinite array of “why” questions, you may never get the apology you feel you deserve…..you know what?, that’s O.K!!

I know it’s not easy but in the words of the GREAT Madea aka. Tyler Perry “ain’t nobody said it was gon’ be easy but it’ll get easier when you learn to love yourself” Watch and listen to these amazing videos and please let this Madea wisdom wash over you.


I bring all of these things to the table because of my own hurt I’ve had, my own past experiences. Because of my own past and hurts I haven’t always been the best person to be in a relationship of any kind with. I was the person hurting people and not realizing it. You have to make the choice to move past the hurt. Take responsibility. Let people go from your life. Don’t let those people win when they didn’t care enough about you to begin with. I’ve made that choice in my life and I’m a better person for it. It didn’t happen over night, it took time, I still have to make the choice over and over again….daily. I choose to LOVE without being tied to my baggage. I also know that it truly doesn’t matter what I, your friends, parents, pastor, tell you, you have to make the choice yourself. Choose to save yourself, your current, and future relationships by loving and healing yourself. I hope that this helps you to make that choice too if not now, someday soon.


Last, but not least I would love to gift all you Lovers with 10% off of an order from www.allenbooth.com. Just use code:  loveall11 It’s just a little treat from me to you! Let me tell you, I love all of their kitchen products especially the cutting boards! They’re GORG! Plus enter for a chance to win a $250 dollar shopping spree by entering on this link: http://bit.ly/2toVGBh


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Can Whiskey Be Green?

Hello Lovers! Happy Fri-Yay!! How’s the week treated y’all?! I’m not going to lie, as I’m typing this I could really use a cocktail. Like I’ve said before “adulting is hard!” some weeks are awesome, others not so much. It should be noted; you’re probably reading this and it’s morning, no, I’m not an alchohalic 😉 I’m typing this blog as I often do, in the evening.

Speaking of cocktails, have you ever heard of Austonian Whiskey? I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t. They just prepared their very first shipment back in May. Austonian Whiskey is a new Texas, FIRST ever sustainably matured whiskey, created by two engineering masterminds.

L and F prof final

One night, 2 Austin engineers, Lawrence and Frank (the masterminds above) were at a local bar hanging out, drinking, and having conversations about the growing whiskey barrel shortage, I mean… what else do guys talk about?! Well, these two turned this conversation into an idea, that idea then turned into inventing a new “green” process in the making of whiskey, this then turned into a business and dreams coming true.


What sets Austonian Whiskey apart from the other whiskeys? Traditionally whiskey is typically aged in wooden casks/ barrels, generally made of charred white oak. Since Lawrence and Frank have created a magical (closely under-wraps) green technology to get the traditional vanilla oak-y taste of a “barrel aged” whiskey without the barrel, we can have cocktails AND save the trees! That’s right folks, do you get what that means?! NO trees are harmed in the making of this whiskey! (I need a shirt that says that btw 🙂 ) The impact can be HUGE y’all. Just think about it, if everyone switched their whiskey choice to Austonian Whiskey it would save about 95% of the trees otherwise used by “the other guys”


It won’t just stop there though…. Do you know what happens when forests are cut down? it’s not just killing trees, it’s also displacing animals. The animals that live in the forests now no longer have their habitat, their homes. I don’t know about you, but that pulls on my heart-strings <3

Just think, there’s a barrel shortage right now; how many trees have already been cut down? How many animals have already been displaced? Now think about the fact that with Austonian whiskey we can directly impact this. We have the ability to help save our planet in more ways than just recycling at home or composting.

Austonian Whiskey Hammock

I don’t want to sound like an infomercial here. I TRULY believe and like this product. I am not and have not been paid $$ to promote this product, however, I was given a sample bottle to try them out and hear their story. I want all you Lovers to know that I will NEVER promote something that I don’t truly love, like, use, or believe in. I will always have transparency and want you all to know that my blogs will always come from a very genuine place.

ALL that to say; I believe in this product. We need to get Austonian Whiskey out there!! Ask your bartender to add it to their bar program. Ask your local liquor store like Twin Liquors or Spec’s to pick it up. Follow Austonian Whiskey on Instagram to find out where they’ll be next. Let’s start our very own whiskey movement!! Whiskey can be GREEN!! even without food coloring and the luck of the Irish 😉


Great whiskey. Great Cause. Go Green.

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Until next time Lovers!


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5 Things I’ve Learned In 37 Years

Hello my dear Lovers! How are y’all doing? As for me, I’ve been having a stretch of contemplative days. A few days ago I celebrated my 38th birthday, so go figure that I’ve been evaluating/thinking on my life and choices. Could I be more basic?! 😉 haha! I guess I’d like to think that we all go through this on our birthdays.

Anyway, let’s do a little talking about the things we learn in our lives as we get older. For me the last handful of years have been, what I would say, the most fruitful thus far.

It’s been filled with up and downs, challenges, and successes, just as I would imagine yours has been too. In my 37 years I have learned a lot! but for time and attention sake here are 5 of the most important things I’ve learned:

  1. I’m a daughter of The King: My relationship with God is THE most important relationship I have. If God can close the mouth of lions for Daniel, part the Red Seas for Moses, make the sun stand still for Joshua, open the prison for Peter, put a baby in the arms of Sarah, and raise Lazarus from the dead, THEN He can certainly take care of YOU! NOTHING you’re facing today or any day is too hard for him to handle.
  2. The comparison game hurts: I doesn’t matter what walk of life we’re talking about; if you are a blogger like me, a parent, or even a college student … anxiety and comparison are real! Living in this day and age of social media, everyone’s lives seem so perfectly filtered. We don’t see the hurt, struggles, and brokenness on the other side of the lens. Truthfully, I deal with this daily. Sometimes I can allow myself to get lost walking down that very dark comparison road, it quickly turns into a never-ending black hole that’s incredibly hard to pull myself out of. Am I where God wants me? Am I doing what God wants me to be doing? Am I a good wife, step-mom, friend, person? Am I any good at this blogging? does what I’m doing matter? am I pretty enough? skinny enough?… the list goes on….. Turning off the noise in your own head and staying on track in any walk of life is difficult — but well worth the effort and it will most definitely result in strength. Comparison is a daily struggle – something to recognize and be aware of, and something that will only bring you down, not lift you up! When you feel yourself walking down that road turn the other way! Pray it out, talk it out, put the phone down, shut off the computer and give yourself some air! I promise you’ll see better when the smoke clears.
  3. Not ALL friendships/relationships are meant to last: You can spend years putting time, energy, and love into people and I promise you, they WILL disappoint you. It’s human nature, none of us are perfect. The number one thing that set’s us all up for disappointment and failure is putting our expectations on others. I’ve learned (finally, I have a hard head) that God doesn’t make mistakes. People are placed in our lives to teach us, grow us, and stretch us. Some friendships/relationships are meant for us only for a short period of time and others longer. Sometimes you get to a point in a relationship that you recognize the unhealthiness of it, that’s when you must have the courage and self-respect to walk away. Continuing to put energy into something or someone who is unhealthy and bringing negativity into your life isn’t good for any one not to mention a poison in your life.
  4. Adulting is HARD: Some “adults” refuse to grow up. They remain in high-school, some even in elementary; let’s ALL get out of the sand box people! Manipulation, lies, rumors, and just plain ol’ meanness is UNACCEPTABLE behavior for anyone but especially adults! Have you heard the saying “Hurt people hurt people”? So let’s deal with our hurt, let ourselves heal , and STOP the negative BS!!
  5. It REALLY is the little things: The “I love you’s” when leaving each other (even when running a quick errand), when your child does ANYTHING funny, loving, smart, or sincere 🙂 , the texts to say “I’m thinking of you”, holding hands with your person, holding hands with your child, the smell of grass after it rains, warm sand between your toes, dog kisses, growing something/anything yourself, dancing in the rain, road trips, beach trips, a great cheese, moist chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, a good bottle of wine, a good whiskey…..With age you realize the little things aren’t so little.

So my wish this year is for the strength to live with grace, love, and compassion! Cheers to another year of learning, growing, and being stretched!


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Until next time Lovers!


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Can a TeaTox Work? and Amazon Prime Day!

Good Monday to you lovers! How was your weekend? Who else is excited about Amazon’s Prime Day?! Hopefully you know WHAT Amazon’s Prime Day is??! Or have you been living under a rock? 😉 Welp, think Black Friday in July, but better, and only on Amazon.

The idea behind Amazon Prime Day is to entice people to sign up for Amazon Prime by offering INSANE deals – said to be better than Black Friday or Cyber Monday combined. To score on Amazon Prime Day you do have to be a Prime member, which is $99 per year, but they do offer a 30-day free trial. If you are interested in learning more about signing up for Amazon Prime, check out this link. If you’re not all about the online shopping with Prime Day, I do suggest at least taking advantage of their 30-day free trial to score some Prime Day deals! and I’m sure that your mind will quickly change.

Amazon Prime Day officially starts at 9PM ET TONIGHT!! July 10th and runs for 30 full hours. July 11th 2017 is the day they are advertising as “Prime Day”, but I would log on the tonight to try to get some early bird specials. I would absolutely suggest reading Amazon’s official guide on how to make the most out of your Amazon Prime Day shopping.

I have heard that there will be a lot of Amazon specific deals such as on the Echo, Kindle, etc. but you can also expect deals on things like TVs, gaming consoles, and so on. They are also offering an additional 20% off Amazon Home services, I’ve never utilized this aspect of Amazon Prime but I hear it’s pretty rad.


Now, let’s talk about a “new to me”, Teatox, have you ever heard of it? It’s a detox but with tea! I’m a hot tea girl through and through. I’ve been drinking hot tea’s since I was around 5 years old and my grandma would pick mint from the backyard for our tea. Anyway, going back to glorious Amazon, I was checking out hot tea’s on Amazon and stumbled across all sorts of Teatox options. I’ll admit when I first came across these teas I was a skeptic and thought “Ew!” but to be honest, I already have very personal dark issues with any sort of detox. My issues with lots of detox’ are that a lot require not eating and when I don’t eat I get HAngry! After reading reviews and checking out ingredients, I decided on Zen Organics, 14 Day Teatox, Natural Cleanse.


Zen Organics 14 day Teatox is entirely natural! When I say entirely, I mean ALL 13 ingredients! the tea itself contains, Senna leaf, Lotus leaf, Chamomile, Pu’erh leaf, Sencha green tea, Lemon grass, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Rhubarb root, Fennel, Marsh Mallow leaf, Holy thistle leaf, and Malva leaf and that’s it 😉

As soon as it arrived I was excited to give it a try. It comes in a resealable bag to help with freshness, and also included is it’s very own cute little silicone “pea pod” tea infuser.


Let me tell you, it’s delicious! Surprisingly delicious! I added a bit of organic pure blue agave to it for a little sweetness but it wasn’t necessary at all.

When on this Teatox you drink a hot cup every morning for 14 days on an empty stomach.

Day 1-3: I was loving the taste so much! but wasn’t really feeling much different with the exception of not being overly starving in the morning (I normally wake up so hungry I could eat Jeff’s arm off) and I’m also getting used to the new routine.

Day 4-7: I have more energy and focus and sorry for the t.m.i but…. I also noticed my “bathroom business” was becoming not just more frequent (for me) but also more regular.

Day 8-11: I noticed less of a “heavy /bloated” feeling and oddly enough I felt less anxious. I’ve suffered from clinical anxiety my whole life and I can’t really stand being overly medicated so I prefer all natural homeopathic remedies to anything else. I’m no doctor so I’m not trying to offer any medical advice here, I’m just saying I felt a small difference in my daily anxiety and the only thing new I was doing was using Zen Organics Teatox. When living with anxiety ANY difference is pretty substantial.

Day 12-14: I’m feeling more healthy, lighter, less anxious, and cleansed!! At this point I think it’s safe to say I’m feeling pretty awesome about this product and also kinda sad that it’s ending.

I’m not sure if Zen Organics will be offering a discount for Prime Day or not but it’s definitely worth the purchase. Check them out!

Since I’m on this Amazon and Prime Day kick and it’s just a few short hours away 😉 I’d like to talk about one last thing. If you’re a follower you’re aware of my partnership with JORD Wood watches and how much I love them. Well, I have GREAT news if you’re in the market for a new watch. JORD is now on Amazon!! For Prime Day they are also going to be having great deals! Check out the beauty below that I gave Jeff for his birthday last month.


I know I’ll be checking out what JORD has to offer us ladies tonight for Amazon Prime Day. They make for fantastic gifts and the customer service is incredible! You can’t go wrong here.


I’d like it to be noted I’m NOT getting paid to endorse these products, I just genuinely loved my experience with these brands and HIGHLY recommend them. I most certainly will be ordering more Zen Organics Teatox in the future. If you try out any of these products please share with me what you think. If you have any questions please be sure to reach out in the comments.

Good luck with your Prime Day shopping y’all! 

Until next time Lovers!


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Disclaimer: I am a member of the Amazon Affiliates program. I am not sponsored by any of these products, I just really like them! I do however get a little kick-back if you purchase anything through the links provided. So please use these links and help a sista out 🙂 

I’m Baaaack….A Re-Cap

Helloooooo my dear dear lovers! Oh how I have missed you all! Have you missed me?! Or maybe I’m alone on this island 😉 either way, I want you all know how grateful I am that each and every one of you exist. I also hope y’all had an amazing 4th of July long weekend packed with fun and fireworks to celebrate the birth of these amazing United States of America.


The past couple of weeks there’s been so much going on in life and I’m sure I’m no different from you and what you have going on. Let’s be honest, adulting is hard. Anyway, I’m not sure if any of you have noticed but, I’ve been off the blogosphere and mostly off social media for the last few weeks; this bit of  “radio silence” has some to do with a busy life, the rest is due to me being “Shadow-Banned” (if you don’t know what that means, you’re not the only one, click on the link for more info) being “Shadow-Banned” can essentially be a “death sentence” for someone like me, a full-time blogger and Instagrammer. I’ve lost followers and majorly dropped in my engagement and even lost potential partnership opportunities, all in all, it SUCKS! All that to say, I have a favor…if you’re a follower on ANY of my platforms, PLEASE, LIKE AND COMMENT and this will help me so much in recovering from this, not to mention I would forever be grateful <3

Now let’s move on from the BS of the “Shadow-Ban” and on to a fun family 4th of July re-cap. We spent last weekend celebrating with family in the small town of Pipe Creek right outside of Bandera, Texas. Let me tell ya, this family pulled out all the stops. From our beautiful American flag decorated everywhere, great BBQ, over $1k in fireworks, and a great lake view, we didn’t want for anything.


Let’s back up a little and repeat…. OVER 1 thousand DOLLARS of fireworks y’all!!! I have NEVER seen so many ding dang fireworks with “normal” (I say that loosely) civilians ever 😉 and we even had “Baby Chuck Norris” aka Cousin Caden putting on the show for us, hahahaha!


We also had to figure out how to get all these fireworks onto a rock island without getting ruined by potentially falling into the lake. And how, you might ask did we achieve this?! with 6 slow trips back and forth on a water trampoline!! Der!


YUP, that really happened. All that “work” truly did pay off. The guys put on a good show.

This family is filled with characters that would entertain the masses in a sitcom any day and I say that with such a smile on my heart, I wish each and every one of y’all were able to get to experience just one afternoon with them. I mean, just check out one of the sweetest little lambs I’ve ever seen below, plus family, and some obligatory firework pictures.

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For those of y’all who have taken the time to read through this re-cap, again, THANK YOU for your support!! I appreciate you more than you know. Also, HAPPY FRIGGIN FRIDAY!!


In the next few blog posts to come I have sooooo much to share, new partnerships, new deals for you and yours, and lots of new things to try. I’m so excited! Make sure you stay tuned and help me to spread the news. Follow, Like, Comment, and Share!

Now go! Be free! Enjoy your weekend!

Until next time Lovers,


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Do You Use Dating Apps?

Happy Fri-Yay y’all! For those of you who are loyal readers, I’m sorry for being m.i.a this week, there’s been a LOAD going on and still soooo much more work to go, which i’m so excited to share with y’all soon 😉 but in the meantime, let’s talk about dating….

I’ve been wondering lately if any of you lovely people have used dating apps? Christian Mingle, Match.com, Tinder, Bumble, anyone? Have you had any success? Or have your dates been disappointing or massive fails? Been there. Done that.


I’d love to share with you my story with dating apps. I spent almost 2 years in my singleness. During this time I was healing from a 5 year on and off relationship with someone I intended to marry. I felt broken, lonely, and as if God’s plan for me was to find peace in that singleness. At about the 1.5 mark in this 2 year “stretch” a girlfriend of mine “coaxed” or let’s say convinced me to try Match.com out. Let me tell you something, it almost felt like being thrown to the wolves! between Match and Christian Mingle I received over 8 proposals and more emails from what I would call “coocoo’s” then I could keep track of. Then I was told about the Bumble app. I was told that with Bumble, women make the first move by swiping right and messaging after a match has been made. I figured I could handle doing that, but to be honest, being the first one to reach out as a woman wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, it even made me feel for dudes and the pressure they must feel.

So from the safety of my bed, while watching  Law&Order SVU re-runs and eating chinese take-out, I picked out what I thought were “Good” pictures of me and created a Bumble profile. After that it all seemed like a game, if you will. I saw tons of people I knew which at first had me ducking behind my phone, embarrassed, like they could see me, hahahaha! Then it made me realize that we’re all going through things and everyone is just looking for “something”. After a few bad dates, including one with a guy that said “When you decide you’re not a Christian and wanna bang one out, give me a call!” during a breakfast date. Y’all, fer real!! I can’t make this stuff up.

I was about to give up and “settle” into my already pretty great life with me, myself, and my amazing pup Ava, then I saw him….. Yes, this is THE exact screenshot I took from my phone and sent to my “Tribe”. Look at that awesome smile!!


I swiped right and WE MATCHED!! Our first date, he chose one of my favorite Austin places, without even knowing it was one of my favorite, and after about our 3rd or 4th date I knew that Mr. Jeff was a keeper. We’ve been a team ever since. Jeff not only is a man of God, he’s the type of man that prays with me, opens the door for me (and STILL does a year later!), is an amazing father and loves me through my self doubts, anxieties, and just plain crazy moments.


I know, I know y’all, I’m being mushy and maybe over sharing but this Sunday is Jeff’s birthday. He’s not much for things being “About him” but what can I say… I LOVE this man! I’m not gonna pretend Jeff and I are perfect, we’re not, but we love the heck out of each-other. We are a team. We’re loyal to each-other, there’s no-one that makes me laugh or smile harder than him and no-one else I’d rather spend my life with. I want to say a HUGE Thank you to BUMBLE! I’ve never seen myself promoting a dating app and yet here I am. To all you singles out there, trust in your story and “you do you Boo Boo” if that includes an app, then get at it!!


My version of "painting"

Happiest of Birthdays to you my love! I will love you until we’re gray and old.

Jeff’s birthday also marks the end of my partnership and promotion with JORD Wood Watches.


You have until June 11th, that’s THIS Sunday to enter by 11:59pm. Click on this Contest link: https://www.woodwatches.com/g/loveofallofthethings to enter your name and email (it takes 2 seconds!) This will enter you for a chance to receive $100 off of a watch of your choice!! Just in time for Father’s day! Let’s say you’re not the lucky one that get’s the $100 off 😦 You’re still a winner in my eyes, which means I’m going to make sure you still receive a little token of my appreciation for your follow by sending you $25 off of your order with JORD

Enjoy your weekend! 

Until next time Lovers!


P.S. Check out below for some AWESOME Jeff pictures 😉 He’s gonna hate me! hahaha! 

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